RevaPay Solutions

Custom Data Collection

Focused on emerging markets that require Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) and advanced (KYCC) and custom Data Points for acquiring banks,  processors and states across the US.  

Closed loop / Voucher

Proprietary "closed loop" Gift Card/Voucher Blockchain Processing Platform that supports credit, debit, cash and ACH payments for ecommerce and retail locations. 

Electronic On-boarding Platform

Proprietary online business application on-boarding, underwriting decisioning, background/OFAC checks, risk management, reputational risk scrubs and online reporting.

Reputational Risk Software

Custom business and consumer validations including age verification, OFAC checks, State, City and County level mandates,  that support online and offline verification's to meet enhanced regulatory requirements. 

Proprietary Shopping Cart

Custom shopping cart solutions that manage real time consumer data, age requirements, purchase limits including advanced inventory management and adherence to regulatory requirements and mandates.